All You Need to Know About Commercial Massage Chairs

All You Need to Know About Commercial Massage Chairs

If you live in a metro city, you must have seen massage chairs in shopping malls, swimming pools, and gyms where you can get a massage for a nominal fee. These are not the ideal places to relax or unwind. Nor is it the most creative business idea. But it does demonstrate that massage chairs offer excellent prospects for relaxation, rest, and regeneration, as well as a means of profit.

However, if you own a business or corporate office, it makes sense to have a commercial massage chair installed in your office lounge space for your clients and visitors. You may or may not charge a penny for using the massage chair, but having it there will help your business. You’ll be able to put your clients at ease and in a good mood before the meeting. That might sometimes lead to getting a good deal.

Several heavy-duty, commercial massage chairs are available in the market designed for this purpose. They are designed to last longer despite being used more frequently than a normal house massage chair. Therefore, if you plan to put a massage chair in your office or business space, opt for ones specifically designed for commercial purposes. 

If you are planning to get one, you will need to know a few things about commercial massage chairs. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions related to commercial massage chairs.

Why Should I Get a Commercial Massage Chair?

The potential benefits of having a massage chair at your workplace are plenty and could result in increased revenue as well as more frequent visits from patients and customers. Let’s say you are the owner of a beauty salon, dentist’s practice, or carwash. 

These are some of the most competitive business fields, and having something like a massage chair would get more paying customers to come in and create some buzz around your business. If customers know that you are offering a way to relieve their stress and anxiety, they are more likely to pick your business over other competitors.

Companies have been using massage chairs at their workplace for ages, and more recently, colleges and universities have also started using them to help students destress and relax. Massage chairs are an integral part of wellness rooms where employees and students can take a break and relax.

How Much Does a Commercial Massage Chair Cost?

A top-quality massage chair with the best massage options and features will cost you anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. Commercial massage chairs are on the more expensive side of the spectrum because they are loaded to the brim with the latest features and are also built to last.

It’s a given that a commercial massage chair is used more frequently than a massage chair at home. These massage chairs are likely to be used around 50 times on a busy day. Thus, massage chairs are built with high-quality components and premium material with durability in mind. These quality components and materials tend to add to the overall cost of the commercial massage chair.

If you run a business where you get a lot of footfall, it’s advised to get the best available commercial massage chair. By not skimping on the price of a commercial massage chair, you’ll be able to ensure that it lasts longer and proves to be economical in the long run.

Who Needs a Commercial Massage Chair?

Business owners like dentists, nail salons, beauty salons, and lawyers, among others, will benefit from having a massage chair in their lounge area. Since these businesses tend to get a lot of clients or customers waiting on a busy day, they will be able to offer something relaxing to do to their customers as they wait for their turns.

These businesses might or might not charge for a massage therapy session in their lounge. However, the fact that they have it will put their business over the top and attract more paying customers through the door. If required, they can charge a minimal amount for the massage chair to earn the upkeep charges of the chair.

How to Make Money With a Massage Chair?

The most obvious —but not always the best— way to make money from a massage chair is to use a coin-operated massage chair. There are other options as well that you should be aware of that are less time-consuming and far more profitable. One of them is incorporating a massage chair into your company setting.

Of course, the massage chair can be set up in the waiting area for clients to use, but it can also be part of the offer, a service that the customer must pay for. You’ll see many of our clients take advantage of this service even if you start charging for massages in workspaces like beauty salons.

Another option is to set up a massage chair in a relaxation area. A massage chair may help your employees and clients relax while also giving you the energy you need to keep working. It's also a technique for firms to distinguish in the job market. 

However, it's safe to assume that charging employees for a massage at work would be unwelcome. Therefore the advantage of a massage chair should be viewed as an investment to improve employees' energy, well-being, and willingness to work.

Which Massage Chair to Choose?

The best massage chairs are those that a wide range of people can utilize. The Synca Kurodo, for example, combines modern functionality with superb design. The Synca Kurodo chair massager has great craftsmanship and industry-leading features like 4D rollers, dual-sensor body detection, and more.

The Synca massage chair is perfect for a professional setting, such as an office, a business, a gym, a recreation center, and more. The Synca Kurodo massage chair is one of the best-rated massage chairs on the market, and it's ideal for any company or organization.

It’s now clear that businesses and corporates are the prime customers of commercial massage chairs. They can invest in such massage chairs to give their clients and customers a pleasant experience as they wait.