Buying Guide


We’re here to help you make a massage chair buying choice with ease and confidence to best suit your personal needs and preferences…

Searching for the right massage chair can be quite a task!

After searching the web for the perfect massage chair and seeing such a vast array of prices, styles, and exotic features you may have never come across, all you might need is…. Well, a good massage! Many typical questions may arise, such as the quality of the chair, what type of return you’ll get on your investment, and what the manufacturer’s warranty is.

Hang on there! You’ll be getting your massage shortly!


If stress isn’t a new phenomenon, and you’ve visited the spa before, you know that the cost of a massage isn’t cheap. The average price for a massage is $50-$120 an hour and is most effective when done a few times a week.

Although buying a massage chair may seem costly at first, just do the math… A massage of $75 once a week can add up to $3,900 after just one year. By investing once, your massage chair will pay off in a couple of months and be yours to use and enjoy with unlimited massages!

What can be a greater way to treat yourself than releasing tension and pain at any hour of the day and in the convenience of your pajamas…? No worries of sitters and missing appointments… The accessibility of a massage chair in your home carries an invaluable price tag.

It will be one investment you’ll be glad you made!


The benefits of massage therapy go a longer way than you think!

Besides the enjoyable & blissful experience, treating your body to a deep massage is gifting it with something far greater and valuable - the gift of health.

Studies have proven that massages enhance one’s quality of life & health by:

  • Pain & stress alleviation
  • Sleep induction
  • Helping one manage anxiety & depression
  • Improving blood circulation & blood pressure regulation
  • Body detoxification

Modern massage chairs with state-of-the-art features have also proven to help speed up injuries and relieve patients going through cancer treatment by eliminating toxins, stimulating the lymphatic system, and helping with nausea and fatigue.

Investing in a WonderMassageChair is an investment for your peace of mind, wealth, and health!

You can choose from a wide variety of models, from sophisticated Japanese Massage Chairs to Heated and Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs.

Features to consider when buying a massage chair:

  • 2D Massage- The massage roller travels up and down and side to side. Check out the award-winning Synca CirC - Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair.
  • 3D Massage- The massage roller travels up and down, side to side, and adds intensity by going in and out. Depending on your needs, a 3D massage chair, like Kahuna Arete - Elite Massage Chair, allows for a deeper or lighter massage.
  • 4D Massage- (Same as 3D) The 4D adds variability in the motion itself reducing and increasing speed, which gives a more realistic massage experience.
  • S-Track – Following the natural curvature of your spine as it makes its way up and down, the S- track goes from the neck down to your lower back.
  • L- Track- It works the same as S-Track. Yet, this type of track continues and makes its way further down the body, wrapping underneath your gluteus muscle towards the back of your thighs. Check out the state-of-the-art Inner Balance Ji Massage Chair.
  • Zero Gravity- Originally developed by NASA, the Zero Gravity position – a neutral body posture of feet elevated above the heart, has been scientifically proven to increase one’s state of relaxation and well-being.
  • Shiatsu Massage - A Japanese-based therapy that combines the use of the thumbs, fingers, and palms to apply pressure and stretching to the body. The premium Dr. Fuji FJ-8500 Massage Chair can provide the same effect.
  • Swedish Massage- A wide-ranging therapy consisting of various methods and stretches by working out different muscles and joints by way of applying kneading, long strokes, and friction to the areas of focus.
  • Massage Airbags - The seat, sides, ottoman, backrest, and in some chairs, the headrests and armrests hold pockets filled with air which inflate to add pressure and deflate to increase circulation to your muscles. For a thorough, deep massage, you may opt for a chair, like Daiwa Hubble Massage Chair, that will simultaneously deliver airbag and rolling massage. This combination offers the most optimal full-body massage obtainable in a chair.
  • Heat Therapy- Most advanced massage chairs, like Infinity Genesis Max 4D, come with a heated massage seat and/or back which increases the massage benefits. Heat therapy is commonly used to soothe achy areas and increase circulation on heat contact.
  • Massage Intensity- The number of motors the chair has will determine the chair’s strength abilities. More motors, more power, more intensity in your massages.
  • Massage Programs- Most chairs are pre-programmed with various massage levels and options to target specific zones of the body.
  • Body Scan Technology- Advanced chairs will detect areas of tension by testing the body’s reaction, and determining the figure of your spine, thus positioning its rollers to customize the massage to your bodily needs properly.
  • Massage Chair Material- Although genuine leather is often the first choice, it is important to realize that due to the great amount of movement and heat generated by your massage chair, you might decide to opt for otherwise. Synthetic materials are usually engineered to withstand the heat, wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of your massage chair.