Massage Chairs - Everything You Need To Know about Them

Massage Chairs - Everything You Need To Know about Them

Massage Therapy is considered to be one of the most effective methods to put both your body and mind in a relaxed state. A good massage at the end of the day will help you ease body pain, help with depression and anxiety, improve circulation, and maintain a good posture. Most importantly, massages are really good for those working desk jobs from 9-5.

However, a good massage can benefit everyone, from a teenager in school to the elderly in the family. All sorts of stress, body imbalance, and pain can manifest themselves as some serious conditions down the lane. There are ways to avoid these like regular workouts, ergonomic chairs, proper posture, and more.

However, nothing relaxes and soothes a stiff body like good massage therapy. While professional masseuses have no replacement, massage chairs are increasingly gaining popularity as equally effective alternatives all over the world. Thanks to convenience, time efficiency, and mobility, massage chairs are now a go-to option for many.

However, some skeptics feel that massage chairs are not all that rosy and there are bound to be some side effects. Here’s answering some of the most common skeptical questions about massage chairs.

Are Massage Chairs Good for You?

People often wonder if massage chairs have any real benefits. It’s already known that massage equals relaxation, but there’s a lot more to a massage chair than just that. In addition to relaxation, massage chairs also promote general wellness, boost immunity, increase energy, and manage several health issues.

Similarly, a lot of people write off massage chairs as luxury lifestyle furniture. However, these chairs go beyond that and offer more than just occasional relaxation. There have been clinical studies that show improvement in circulation, immunity, muscle recovery, and hypertension management. However, if you have pre-existing medical conditions, consult your doctor and find out if a massage chair is okay to use before purchasing one for your home.

One of the surprising benefits of massage chairs is their enhanced problem-solving ability as demonstrated by several medical research. A massage chair is also quite effective when it comes to lowering anxiety and stress and improving mental wellness. It’s common knowledge that anxiety is the root cause of many other illnesses, which means treating them can solve a host of other symptoms. A massage chair contributes to sound wellness by facilitating a serene mind and relaxed body.

Can Massage Chairs Be Harmful?

There are several myths surrounding massage chairs, which lead many to question whether massage chairs are harmful. Some of the most common myths include they can cause permanent injuries, muscle pain, circulation issues, fatigue, and bone fracture. 

First of all, massage chairs don’t cause any sort of injury —permanent or temporary— if used safely, which means in a way it’s intended to be used. Moreover, you must realize that massage chairs are powerful equipment and it’s necessary to acclimatize your body to a massage chair before using its full capacity. Don’t try the maximum intensity offered by the massage chair before adapting your body to it. Once your body is adapted to the intensity of the massage rollers, you can then enjoy painless deep-tissue massages without sustaining any injury.

Additionally, massage chairs don’t cause circulation issues but improve circulation. As for fatigue, it’s only caused when you push the limits of your body. Use the massage chair for recommended duration and you’ll never experience fatigue. 

Who Should Not Use a Massage Chair?

Massage chairs are quite relaxing and effectively alleviate all fatigue from the body if used properly. Although massage chairs offer several benefits, some people should stay away from them. 

First and foremost, people who have osteoporosis, heart condition, and hypertension should steer clear of massage chairs. Those with osteoporosis are at the risk of suffering fractures due to the intensity of the massage chair. And since massage chairs boost blood circulation, it may cause complications for hypertension and heart patients.

Is It Ok to Sit In a Massage Chair Every Day?

It can get tempting to start using your massage chair every day because of the stress and fatigue caused by work. But many massage chair owners or potential owners often wonder whether it’s safe to use a massage chair every day. To enjoy a massage and have it work effectively, one must understand how often and how long one should use a massage chair.

Bear in mind that over-massaging is a possibility and can cause muscle cramps. If you do plan to use the massage chair every day, the massage session should be restricted to a maximum of 20 minutes and not more than twice a day. The time of the day also plays an important role here and the recommended best time to use the massage chair is in the morning when you have just woken up. Ideally, you should spend the last 20 minutes of your sleep time in the massage chairs. 

It’s important to restrict the frequency of using the massage chair because if used excessively, it will overstimulate the targeted muscles and can cause spasms or muscle cramps.

Are Massage Chairs Safe for the Elderly?

Older people can also benefit greatly from a whole-body massage. The increased circulation and immunity boost are some of the advantages that will benefit the elderly. However, it’s advised to proceed with caution when using massage chairs for seniors, especially if using advanced 3D or 4D massage chairs.

Older individuals are most likely to have conditions like osteoporosis and heart diseases, which might get exacerbated by high-intensity settings on a massage chair. Start with gentle settings and a short cycle. Ensure that they know where the controls are and how to adjust the intensity, in case they start feeling pain or discomfort. Be around them when they are in the chair to assist if they need to stop the massage chair and get out of it. 

By now, you should be aware of the benefits of massage chairs, how frequently to use a massage chair, who should/should not use a massage chair, and so on. The bottom line is that if used with caution, massage chairs offer a host of great health benefits.