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The Inner Workings of a Massage Chair

Massage chairs give you the benefits of a professional massage for a fraction of the price. They have many benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.

Why Do Massage Chairs Look and Feel Like a Recliner?

Most massage chairs are designed to look and feel like a recliner. They have support for your lower back, a pillow-soft cushion, and armrests. They're also designed so that you can lie down fully in the chair, with your head raised slightly, so you don't get dizzy. These features make them comfortable and relaxing. The perfect environment for getting a full-body massage from an automatic machine!


Can Massage Chairs Improve Your Posture?

Massage chairs can be a great way to relax, improve your posture and reduce stress. They offer many benefits, including:

  • Relaxation
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced pain in muscles and joints
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased flexibility and muscle tone


If you need some deep tissue work on your muscles, consider buying a massage chair that gives you the benefits at home.


You can use it to relax and unwind after a long day or even use it as part of your fitness routine.


Massage chairs are a great way to improve your posture too. They can help stretch out tight muscles and relieve pressure points on the spine that cause muscle pain and stiffness.

What Is the Most Common Massage Technique in Massage Chairs? 

The shiatsu technique is common in many massage chairs. In this technique, a therapist uses the thumb and fingers to apply pressure to specific points on your body. This is similar to how you would apply pressure with your hands if you were massaging yourself. 


The goal of shiatsu is to improve circulation and relieve tension by applying deep finger pressure into the muscles of your back, neck, arms, and legs.


The Japanese word "shiatsu" means "finger pressure." Shiatsu has been used for centuries by Eastern medicine practitioners as part of their holistic treatment plans. As such, it's considered an effective way to relieve stress from muscle tension or injury.

How Do the Rollers Work in a Massage Chair?

The rollers of a massage chair are what manipulate your muscles just like the hands of a masseuse would. The rollers move independently from each other to ensure that they can reach every inch of your body, which is why they’re able to provide you with such intense relief.


Once you sit down in the chair, it will start by rolling over your back and neck area. This helps loosen up those tight spots that often get neglected during regular massages. Once this part is done, it will start working on your legs before moving on to other areas if needed. It all depends on what kind of pressure you need!

How Does the Air Massage Feature Work in a Massage Chair?

Air massage is another common feature that mimics a deep-tissue massage. It uses a combination of air pressure and vibrations to massage your muscles and increase circulation. Air massagers are often used on the back, shoulders, and legs because they don't require the intensity of rollers or shiatsu massage chairs. 


This makes them a great option for those who prefer gentler massages or have sensitive skin. Many people also find this type of chair more comfortable because there's no risk of bruising from being pressed against hard surfaces during the treatment.


With air massage chairs, you can generally choose between two options. The first is using just the air compartment in place of rollers or having both compartments active at once. In this case, one provides an intense rolling effect while the other gently vibrates against your skin. 


If you're torn between choosing one over the other, then know this. Many people find that using both mechanisms together provides just enough movement to feel like they're getting an intense treatment without causing any discomfort whatsoever!

How Does Full-Body Scan Work in a Massage Chair? 

A full-body scan is an important feature to look for in a massage chair since it adjusts the chair to fit you better. The full-body scan should find any sore spots on your body and automatically adjust so that your trouble spots are massaged, no matter what position you're in.


The best way to get a great massage from your massage chair is by adjusting it to fit you perfectly. In addition to having the ability to adjust as needed, it's also important for the chair’s settings not to be static. For example, some chairs will only offer five different levels of intensity while others offer 20+. Having more options means that there's something for everyone!

Can Massage Chairs Provide Heat Therapy? 

Heating options may be available in different areas of the chair.

If you prefer deep tissue massage, you'll want to consider a heating option for your chair. Heaters are good for circulation and muscle tension relief, which can help with stress as well.


If you have back pain and want to get a massage chair, look for features like lumbar heat and compression therapy. Lumbar heat and compression therapy is a feature that can be found in some massage chairs. It's one of the ways that massage chairs can help with muscle recovery. With this feature, the chair will work to restore blood flow to your back muscles while also providing warmth to soothe discomfort.


It's important not only because it helps people who suffer from back pain but also because it might prevent further injuries down the line by helping people recover faster after intense exercise or other physical activity.

Why Are There Multiple Motors in a Massage Chair?

Some brands offer adjustable body positions so you can get different styles of massages without changing anything except the position of your body. These chairs have more than one motor, which means they can operate on more than just one part of the body at a time.


Some models include an extra leg rest that allows you to stretch out your legs and feet while getting a massage. This is great if you have lower back pain or other issues with circulation in your legs. The leg rest also gives you something to prop up against so that there's less pressure on your back during a massage session, and it helps keep things even across all parts of your body during treatment sessions as well.


If you want to get more out of your workout but don't have time for an actual massage appointment, then invest in one of these.