A woman is relaxing on her massage chair in the living room while napping.

Things to Consider if You Feel Itchy in a Massage Chair

Massage chairs have become quite popular in recent years as a way to relax and unwind. In addition to helping you feel less stressed, they can also offer several benefits that could help improve your health. 

However, some people experience an itchy feeling after using a massage chair for extended periods. This article will discuss why this happens and what steps you can take to reduce the chances of experiencing an itchy feeling after using a massage chair.

Why Do Some People Feel Itchy After Using a Massage Chair?

The short answer, no one knows. A few theories are floating around out there on the internet, but if you want to be a true skeptic, then you'll just have to wait until science figures it out.

One theory is that people who experience itching after using a massage chair are more sensitive to vibrations than others. This theory makes sense because vibration-induced itchiness has also been studied in other contexts. For example, when people use vibrating cell phones or vibrating toothbrushes and find themselves itching afterward. 

A possible explanation for this is that our bodies are adapting to the vibrations of these devices by becoming more sensitive over time, which means we may start feeling itchy when there isn't even anything moving anymore!

Another possibility is that some massage chairs use motors with different frequencies than others. The lower the frequency used by a motor, the stronger its vibrations will be felt by whoever sits upon it. There's evidence both supporting and refuting this claim. But unfortunately, it's not conclusive either way. Some studies suggest low-frequency motors cause more itching, while others say they don't seem any different from high-frequency ones at all!

Can Sensitivity to Vibrations Cause Itchiness in a Massage Chair?

Some people are more sensitive to vibration than others, and that's why they may feel itchy after using a massage chair. A vibration is a form of energy, so it can be transferred to your body and cause discomfort. 

When this happens it's called "vibration irritation" or "vibratory dermatitis." This can occur when you come into contact with machinery or equipment that vibrates too much for your body to handle. Vibration irritation usually only lasts for a few minutes or hours after exposure because the skin adapts over time without causing any long-term damage. 

However, if you have long-term exposure to vibrations, like those found in a massage chair, you might experience prolonged pain from these symptoms after using them too often!

If this happens, then try taking breaks between sessions to give yourself time away from the source of irritation so that things can cool down before going back at them again!

What Features Can Reduce Discomfort From Itchiness in a Massage Chair?

There are a few massage chair features that can help you enjoy your experience without feeling itchy. The first is an air squeeze feature. This feature allows you to control the chair's pressure on your back by simply squeezing the armrests together.

Another way to avoid discomfort is by selecting a rolling massage feature. The chairs will roll up and down along your back while working out knots in your muscles with this option. You also have the option of selecting an ottoman or footrest so you can prop up your feet during or after a session for even more comfort and relaxation!

Finally, if you're looking for something with extra padding on top of its standard features (such as heat), check out some models with headrests or neck pillows!

Air Squeeze

As we mentioned earlier, the air squeeze feature is used to provide a more comfortable massage. This means that if you feel itchy after using this massage chair, then it’s likely due to other factors. The most likely culprit is a combination of:

  • Your skin is sensitive to the material from which the massage chair is made. For example, if your skin is sensitive to wool.
  • A particular part of your body is pressed against a harder portion of the chair. For example, if you were lying down on one side and got an itch on your shoulder or back.

Rolling Massage

A rolling massage is a type of massage that focuses on the back of the body. It's often used in massage chairs as it can effectively target large muscle groups such as the gluteal muscles, trapezius muscles, and erector spinae muscles.

A rolling massage involves using your body weight to apply pressure to certain areas of your back and shoulders. This kind of machine allows you to control how much pressure you want to be applied or removed from a particular area by adjusting how far forward you sit or recline into the seat. This also helps avoid any soreness from over-stretching.

The Ottoman

The ottoman is a great feature for people who get itchy from vibration. It's a separate piece of furniture that sits under the massage chair, and it works by absorbing the vibrations generated by the machine. The ottoman can be used with or without the massage chair being used.

What Other Solutions Can You Use to Get Rid of Itchiness in a Massage Chair?

The first solution is to make sure that the room temperature is comfortable and not too hot or too cold. A high temperature will make your body sweat which could cause an itchy feeling on your skin after using the chair. If you want warmer airflow, then make sure the fan speed is low. 

The second way is to use a moisturizing lotion before using a massage chair so that water does not get trapped in between your clothes and skin, causing itching afterward.

Finally, having a good warranty from the manufacturer helps. If something happens within the first year or two after investing in a massage chair, then you must get it fixed by either repairing or replacing the machine. 

A good warranty also means that if you experience an issue with your chair, they'll work with you to resolve things as quickly as possible and without any fuss!