Top Things to Know Before Buying a Massage Chair

Top Things to Know Before Buying a Massage Chair

Medical practitioners have recommended massage therapy as one of the most effective ways to comfort the exhausted body and mind of the user. A good massage chair has been designed to aid in soothing and preventing back and neck pain. On the contrary, physical massage sessions at a spa can be a chore and quite expensive as well.

Instead of wasting money on frequent massage sessions, it would be wise to invest in a luxury massage chair like a zero gravity massage chair or a Japanese massage chair. These luxury massage chairs offer health benefits like spinal realignment, improved blood circulation, manage chronic lower back pain, and a lot more. 

Apart from its health benefits, a massage chair is also a good relaxation utility piece of furniture to own. After a hard day of work, a mere 15-minute session in the chair can help you get rid of all fatigue and spend quality time with the family. These days massage chairs have evolved a lot with technology and offer human-like massages, along with specialized massage therapies like music therapy and more.

If you are convinced to buy a massage chair and looking for a good massage chair to bring home, you’ll need to know a few things. Here’s a detailed article on top things to know before buying a massage chair.

How do I choose a massage chair?

There is a lot to consider when picking your first massage chair. You must ask yourself questions like what you want to use the chair for? How much are you willing to spend on a massage chair? Where will you place the massage chair in your house?

Knowing what you need in the massage chair will help you pick the best one for your requirement. For example, if you need a chair just for a quick relaxation session after a day’s work, a good basic chair will do the job for you. However, if you are looking for a massage chair to control and heal chronic pain, you must consider a specialist massage chair with advanced features like heat therapy.

Similarly, having a budget will help you hone in on what features you need and what you can do without picking the right chair. Lastly, knowing where you want to place the chair will help you realize whether you need a wall-hugging chair or a compact chair overall.

What massage chair is best for me?

If you’re looking for the closest thing to having a personal masseuse, then a massage chair is perfect for you. While it’s an expensive investment, it’s justified if you consider the amount spent on personal massages over time. Additionally, receiving a top-notch massage anytime you want is a great benefit to have.

These days, massage chairs have evolved quite a lot to offer users a good mix of cutting-edge features and massage modes. It can get tricky if you have not used a massage chair before. It’s, therefore, best to head to the nearest massage store and get a feel of the features that appeal to you, massage intensity, fitting, and other aspects of the chair before making a purchase. After that, you can get the same chair online if the price is competitive but do get the real-life experience at least once.

What are the top features?

If you’re purchasing a massage chair for the first time, it’s natural to wonder what the top features are and what you should be looking out for. Since there are hundreds of massage chairs on offer in the market, it’s good to know what you should be looking out for.

The most important factor to consider is where you will place the chair in your house; depending on that, you’ll need to decide whether you should get a compact or full-size massage chair. Next up, you must consider whether to get an S-track or SL-Track massage chair. The former has a roller track that ends at the tail bone, but the latter extends to your buttock for more coverage.

Apart from these, you should consider various massage modes like shiatsu, deep tissue, kneading, heat therapy, footrest expansion, number of airbags, zero-gravity recline, and more.

Can I return the massage chair?

Massage chairs are a sizeable investment. If you’re not happy with the way it performs, you’ll only resent your investment instead of enjoying it. It seems that brands and online massage chair stores are aware of this fact. That is the reason why almost every brand and online store offers a certain return and refund policy to their users. 

It’s recommended to check out the return and refund policy of the brand or online store that you have picked. Some brands accept returns within a 30 days time frame, while some retailers also accept returns within three months from purchase or delivery date. Do check out the return policy of the store or brand before you put down your hard-earned money.

Can a massage chair be repaired?

Thanks to the premium material used and high-quality components, massage chairs are often built to last long. High-quality massage chairs are easy to maintain and are designed to be used regularly. However, just like any other machine, massage chairs are also prone to issues now and then. 

You can simply send the massage chair to the brand's authorized service center to get it repaired. The user manual of the massage chair will contain solutions to common faults that may crop up now and then. However, if the issue is serious and requires dismantling any part of the chair, it’s recommended to have a company-certified professional look at it. Doing so yourself will void the warranty of the chair.

These are some things that you should be aware of when purchasing a massage chair or when you bring home a brand-new massage chair. Ensure that you know what you want from the massage chair, what features you know, which chair is perfect for your size, and whether or not the brand or seller accepts returns. Also, make sure that the brand you pick has an authorized service center so that you can have it repaired in case some issue crops up.