Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs 101

Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs 101

If you have been looking for massage chairs in the market, chances are you have heard the term ‘zero gravity massage chairs' at least once. Today, a majority of brands manufacture zero gravity massage chairs, which are described as a hybrid between a recliner and a massage chair.

The term zero-gravity massage chair was first used by the popular brand - Human Touch to describe its “Perfect Chair”, a zero-gravity chair. According to the official website of the brand, the ergonomics of the chair was inspired by the neutral body posture developed by NASA to support astronauts during their take-off into orbit.

Ever since then, the feature has exploded in the massage chair industry to the point that almost every new massage chair has the zero-gravity recline nowadays. It’s natural to wonder what exactly a zero-gravity massage chair is and does it offer any notable improvement or benefits over conventional massage chairs.

If you’re looking for a massage chair online and wondering if a zero-gravity chair would be a good buy or not, you’re in the right place. Here’s all you need to know about zero-gravity massage chairs.

What Is a Zero-Gravity Massage Chair?

Contrary to what the name implies, zero-gravity massage chairs don’t defy gravity and offer actual weightlessness. More specifically, the zero-gravity massage chairs offer a recline system that stimulates the feeling of weightlessness. This is achieved by elevating the legs of the users to the same height as the heart or above it.

NASA is said to have initially invented the zero-gravity position. This was the position taken in spacecraft to minimize the huge gravitational pull when a rocket takes off. The posture is also known as a neutral body posture but was named zero-gravity because NASA observed that this is the default state of the body when suspended in zero gravity.

A zero-gravity chair reduces the stress and pressure on the shoulder, joints, and spine of the human body. It is achieved through a recline system where knees are elevated above the heart level and airbags are used to stimulate the sense of weightlessness.

What Is 2 Stage Zero-Gravity on a Massage Chair?

As mentioned before, the zero-gravity position has been invented by NASA to reduce the pressure on the body. The posture has been adopted by massage chair brands to provide a sense of weightlessness during the massage session for ultimate satisfaction. 

In a 2-stage zero gravity recline on a massage chair, when the mode is selected, the chair eases the user into a position where their thighs are relative to the back for maximum comfort and minimum pressure. In the second stage, the chair reclines further back to raise the legs above the heart level. This boosts the circulation to further ease the heart and the body.

Why Is a Zero-Gravity Chair Called a Zero-Gravity Chair?

As mentioned before, zero-gravity doesn’t imply the floating effect in space. Neither you nor the chair will hover or float. However, what it does offer is a sense of weightlessness. Zero gravity is simply the natural position of the body in a microgravity environment. To simplify, this is the natural position of the fetus in the womb and the human body in water. 

It’s the most relaxing position for humans and takes off all the pressure on the spine and joints. In traditional massage chairs, the seat remains parallel to the floor while the back reclines. However, in a zero-gravity chair, the front of the seat is pointed upwards while the chair reclines. 

This is the same position that a rocking chair provides when you lean back and is the most comfortable. Reclining in a zero-gravity chair kind of makes the user feel weightless and almost floating. 

Are Zero-Gravity Recliners Worth It?

In short, zero-gravity recliners are worth every penny they cost. That is because the benefits offered by zero-gravity chairs far outweigh the price tag that they come with. A zero-gravity massage chair boosts circulation by raising legs above the heart level, taking the pressure off the lower back, and distributing weight evenly throughout the entire body. This in turn relieves back pain and treats sciatica symptoms.

Zero-gravity recline boosts blood circulation that ensures better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues and muscles, encouraging faster healing. Other premium features like 4D quad roller massage mechanism, lumbar support, heat therapy, and more, make the zero-gravity recliners well worth the money you spend on them.

Are Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs Good for You?

As mentioned before, zero-gravity recliners offer several health benefits which make them good for their users. The most important benefit is the reduction in lower back pain. The spine is under pressure and stress all day, every day. The zero-gravity position takes the weight off the spine and reduces the lower back pain.

While in a zero-gravity recline, the feet are in level with the heart and knees are above the heart level to boost circulation throughout the body of the user. This not only helps the heart and arteries but also reduces swelling in affected areas. 

Zero-gravity massage chairs are also known to be helpful for those who suffer from asthma and sleep apnea, as they support the body and help in opening the airways. All these benefits listed above help the user’s body experience the best levels of comfort and relaxation.

So if you are on the fence about buying a zero-gravity massage chair, the above-mentioned benefits and advantages over conventional massage chairs should help you make up your mind. 

These days, almost every massage chair brand is offering zero-gravity recline in most of their massage chairs. That makes it easier to find a zero-gravity massage chair on any budget. A zero-gravity massage chair is an investment that will get you the most bang for your buck and also help you regain your health and mobility.